Would you fuck a guy?

chill im straight as fuck. and i have a gf.

Do you like big girls!

i’m more into fit girls, because fitness is a huge part of my life but big girls are beautiful as well.

was john hanson black

yes, no, who knows. not me. i think so, probably not. looked into it more and the probability is slim to none. 

some thoughts and my upcoming webshow tomorrow

back again and launching my webshow tomorrow. man though…. to be honest ive been stressing a bit lately and thinking about my grandma that passed away a year ago. ive been in a bit of a rough patch lately… i hope i dont fuck everything up…

you are absolutely perfect ! i love your blog and your face haha

thank you so much ! i havent been posting as frequently but i appreciate it :) im finally back now from yet another much needed break